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Architecture Consultancy for Developing Scalable Enterprise Level Web/Mobile Applications

Sometimes business owners / entrepreneurs need assistance with the solution finding process when it comes to the online presence of their business. We at Svizzera Solutions have an impressive stack of technologies so you can choose with our help the most appropriate one for your business requirements Together we define scalable solutions to benefit your […]
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Virtual Advertising

In the past, advertising during sports events was often only relevant on the continent the game took place. Not anymore. Now brands can reach their target market in their respective language and align their message with their local brand strategy. We at Svizzera Solutions can help you with this. The new technology of virtual advertising […]
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Virtual Localized Feeds for Advertisements

Organisers of live sports events want to ensure that the brands they work with get as much airtime as possible. Here at Svizzera Solutions we can offer you now virtual localized feeds for advertisements. Our software can insert content into a broadcast feed, which means we can place new content onto an empty space or […]
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Real-Time Analytics

Often sponsors and investors of events lack visibility on how much their brand is being promoted during a live event, be it on television or at the stadium or through any other media. We give a unique solution to analyse the events in real time and provide reports on the brand’s exposure across all channels […]
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