About Us

Here at Svizzera Solutions we believe in customer friendliness, transparency, approachability and a clever way of combining the talents in our diverse team to bring you the best solutions, the Swiss way. 



Antony Johnson Pereira
Antony Johnson Pereira

Chairman of the Board & Investor

Managing Director, Managing Partner & CEO of National and International Companies

Business Development Expert, Sales & Marketing Specialist
Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship/Tourism and Hospitality

EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality

Swiss Hospitality Company GmbH
Laptoplunch GmbH
Visualreality3D AG

Svizzera Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Svizzera Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Kaffeehaus LLP

Sinu Jamal
Sinu Jamal

Founder, Board Member & CTO

Managing Director, Managing Partner & CTO

Enterprise Architect & Technical Leader

Thought leader in Application Development and Micro Service-Oriented Architecture

Subject Matter Expert in a variety of domains including retail, hospitality, telemedicine and fleet management

Bachelor of Technology – National Institute of Technology

Christine Koschak Johnson
Christine Koschak Johnson

Investor, Board Member & VP

Managing Partner & International Coordination Director
International Business Development, Research Specialist

Reena Zoheb

Board Member & CFO

Managing Partner
Accounting Specialist
Bachelor of Science – Kerala University

Nimmy Pereira

Communication Director & SMM

Social Media Marketing Specialist.
Bachelor of Arts – Kerala University.
Microservices and Backend services lead