In this information and artificial intelligence era smart staffing is the norm. Automate your quotation workflow with O-Qouter

Digitize your end to end facility booking process with O- Qouter. O- Qouter helps you and your clients to reduce effort, time and costs on the entire facility booking process. This happens by automating the facility querying and quote creation in a very intuitive way. Ease for your clients means more bookings, which translates into more revenue for your business.

Hotel Booker

Hotel Industry demands faster and more reliable solutions for the management of daily back office tasks. We here at Svizzera Solutions bring you Hotel Booker.

This easy to use end to end solution will list your property, receive inquiries about your property and take bookings. The intuitive dashboard and reports will provide you with useful insights about your customers as well as about the progress of your business based on various parameters like monthly, quarterly, customer based etc.


Bring medical consultation to the comfort of your home. Svizzera brings you Gesund, the modern telemedicine platform.

Our telemedicine platform supports you as a doctor and healthcare practitioner by extending your care beyond the four walls of your clinics for a connected doctor-patient experience. Our tech-enabled health platforms help drive your business and manage patient relations so you can focus 100% on delivering the best health care.


Website and App creation for the Swiss based company SHC for their project Laptoplunch, a state of the art food delivery service, which is all about delivering wholesome and delicious meals to company canteens, thereby taking the term eco friendliness to a new level.